iPod Touches in the Elementary Classroom






How to:


Our Favorite Apps: 






Basic Applications

Sight Words Free  Mad Libs  Word Warp  Hubble Calendar
ABC Phonics  Audio Boo  Mad Libs  Discovery Photos
iWriteWords Lite  FlipBook Lite  Audio Boo  Planets Stocks
iCanRead Lite Story Kit FlipBook Lite NASA Maps
Words for Kids Kindergarten Dictionary Spel It Rite The Weather Channel Weather
Flip Book Lite Basic Math Dictionary   Voice Memos
Storykit Math (Free) Stanza   Notes
ABC Tracer & Words Lite PopMath Lite Spanish LE   Clock
Bus (Wheels on the Bus) Math Drills Lite Basic Math   Calculator
Audio Boo TimesTables Free Brain Thaw   iTunes
Basic Math A Factor Tree Math (Free)   Safari
Math (Free) Coin Math Math Sticker   Music
PopMath Lite Learn Time Number Line   Videos
Math Drills Lite miTables Lite A Factor Tree   App Store
Kids Math Ace Lite Sketchy Sketchy    
Shape Lite   USA Factbook    
Coin Math   Presidents    
Learn Time   Traveller Lite    
Sketchy   WW Capitals    
Feed Me   World Fact Book    
Match   History Lite